Sunday, May 2, 2010

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

Well, my middle-age-crazy winter in Greece has come to an end. I am back in Canada now. Back to the sanctuary of my beloved house and gardens, back to the slobbery kisses and bum waggles of my unfaithful dog Daisy and back in the loving embrace of my dearest friends. Oh yeah, and back to work on Monday.

It truly was 90 days of sunshine for me this winter, both meteorologically and spiritually.

This winter odyssey had two goals: one was to see if I could do my job off-site, using technology; the other goal was to see if I could do some mending inside and out. Work went really well – I was able to deliver my projects well before deadline and there wasn’t one hitch with the technology. Not one. (thank you Mac gods!) I’m not sure how my boss feels about this – he likes being able to wander down the hall put his feet up on my desk and brainstorm about the next project - however, we Skyped, iChatted and emailed and, as I said, work got done, projects got completed and stuff filed and applied for on time.

As for the personal mending part, well, there was some progress there too. I resolved a lot of goals and directions for the next 50 years of my life, put away some past hurts, grieved for my recently deceased older brother, ancient old auntie and of course my beloved dad – gone too soon and so hugely missed. My health still is annoyingly out of whack. But it was important for my soul to get away from the poking and prodding of doctors for a little while. I was able to forget all that for three blessed months. And that, my friends, was worth the trip.

Best part of being home? In order of importance:
1. Snuggling with my dog Daisy and looking into her soulful eyes and hearing her laugh (yes, Labs laugh! I am not making this up).
2. Lunch and gossipy gabs with my friends.
3. Cold skim milk.
4. No constant threat of yet another 24-hour labour strike of some sort.
5. North American plumbing (if you’ve been to Greece, I don’t need to explain this).
6. Australian wines (can’t get ‘em in Greece).
7. The smell of the woods around my house.
8. The pleasure of feeling fresh grass under my bare feet.
9. Coffee on my back patio watching the fawns eat my flowers.
10. Walking along my beach playing Frisbee with my Daisy dawg.

Things I already desperately miss from Greece? In order of importance:
1. The absolutely wonderful friends I made while in Crete. I can’t believe I won’t see you for a year! Thank god for Skype.
2. Retsina and barrel wines from the villages
3. Greek cheeses and 10%m.f yogurt
4. The smell of mama’s cooking and being able to pick a fat juicy orange off the tree
5. The joyous exuberance of daily Greek life
6. Knowing that I walk in the footsteps of the gods and on the very same stones that Plato and Aristotle's sandals trod
7. My perfect beach at Agios Prokopias

8. The astonishing variety and lushness of Greek spring flowers
9. The bustle of Athens and shopping on Kokolotroni and Ermou Streets
10. Owning a seat in a café for the entire day for the price on one measly coffee.

So, thanks faithful readers, for coming along for the ride with me this winter. I won’t close the blog down just yet, but won’t be posting as often.

I am working on a new project that, as it develops, I will probably blog about. Stay tuned.

Thanks for keeping me company this winter.

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