Monday, October 25, 2010

It's in the mail. Maybe

Her majesty is a grand old gal, but her postal service is a bit dodgy sometimes.

I finally DID manage to get all my paperwork (so far) signed, stamped, authorized, notarized, disinfected, inspected, sealed, laminated, framed, stamped again, and signed off by the Mounties, several lawyers, a notary, a commissioner of oaths, a nice lady at the Greek consulate in Montreal and New Brunswick's Lieutenant Governor (I am not making this up - really - the LG had to sign off too).

So the next step is to mail the whole mess of documents to my lawyer in Crete - the talented Dr. Marios. He then gets them all translated by an OFFICIAL (of course) translator recognized by the Greek government (naturally). I'm not sure how many rogue wildcatting Greek translators are skulking about ready to do evil deeds to government documents, but apparently this process weeds them out.

In good faith, I mailed a batch by means of something called an "international package." Cost me 57 bucks but got there in 4 days. The next batch went "expedited" - cost me 34 bucks and has yet to arrive 2 weeks later. The third batch went by regular international air mail - small package - cost me 7 bucks - it also is somewhere in Her Majesty's post office waiting to whisked to Greece. Three different post offices; three different recommendations for the best way to mail; three different prices and three different mail clerks who never heard of either of the first two ways to send the package. Hmmmm. Who needs reality TV when you have a post office providing such great edge-of-your-seat kind of entertainment.

The bad news is that if Her Majesty manages to lose any of these letters, I have to start all over again.

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