Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's Easter! Let's EAT!

You spleeny north American types might want to skip this one.... this is the recipe for Kokoretsi - a traditional Greek appetizer popular this time of year.


* Guts of lamb. (You might need guts from more than one lamb. Ask for 2 hearts, 2 spleen, liver and 1 lungs, 2 testicles)
* Lamb intestines. At least 4 are required for a medium size kokoretsi
* oregano
* Salt
* Pepper
* Some olive oil


Wash the guts very thoroughly and cut them in small pieces. Be careful not to cut them in too small pieces because you will no be able to skewer them. Wash the bowels very carefully and try to clean them from inside (use a thin stick). Leave them in a bowl and keep the ends of each intestine to one side in order to be able to separate them.

Prepare the souvla (skewer). Start skewering the guts onto the souvla. Pin one end of the first bowel in the one side of the souvla and wind the intestine around the skewer. If it reaches its end tie it with the end of the next piece and continue to wind until all intestines are wrapped and no guts are visible (you should only see the intestines along the souvla).

Season with salt, pepper and oregano. Prepare the fire and roast on all sides until guts are brown and crispy. Check that "kokoretsi" is ready and remove from fire. Cut the kokoretsi in cylinders of 5 cm wide in order to remove it from the souvla in pieces. Put in platter, oil the kokoretsi pieces, season with extra salt, pepper and oregano and serve.

God, I wish I was making this up. I am not... pass the peanut butter sandwiches please.

Kalo Pascha!

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