Friday, February 5, 2010

A midnight sail

Monday I kissed Athens (and her seductive jewelry stores) good-bye and hopped a ferry for Chania, Crete. I am on the good ship Venizelos – a big white behemoth that has me humming the Love Boat song under my breath – way under. It is actually quite posh, several bars, casino, lounges, duty free shops and comfy seats. I have a small, but tiny cabin for the overnight sail. Spare - yes, but surprisingly comfy. You have to pay for the other empty bed, or risk rooming with a stranger – I coughed up the extra dough. I am sitting in the swanky lounge typing this whilst swilling some indifferent but potent wine. Chips for dinner…. Should sleep like a baby and wake up at dawn in Crete!

Troubles with my first landlord – I rented his charming apartment based on the agreement that it would come equipped with high speed internet so I could work. Note to casual readers: this is NOT a holiday lark as such; it is an enforced medical leave with reduced work hours to still be able to pay the rent. I am still working at my job part time, just doing it from Greece via the internet.

Apparently Greeks have to wait interminably for the cable guy to show up too and my first little apartment remains internet free. So with great regret, I had to cancel my deal and go to Plan B – a much more expensive Plan B – with the added bonus of offending first landlord. Jeeze. The new place is quite elegant and right ON the port in a 15th century building, but has all the mod cons, including high speed wi-fi. The Venetian stonework and arches have been cleverly revealed in accent spots, highlighted with chic accent lighting and the overall effect is quite, quite lovely. I may have to fish from the port for my groceries, but I can still crank out the grant applications for work on schedule. The new place has 2 bedrooms and 2 ultra modern travertine tiled bathrooms – so if anyone wants to visit, my rent is reasonable.

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