Thursday, January 7, 2010

21 More Sleeps

The process of arranging one's life to disappear for 3 months is daunting. How the heck did D. B. Cooper manage it? Wish he would contact me and give me some tips..... and a few thousand bucks. I now am down to counting 'sleeps' before I leave - that means insuring the house arrangements are in place, the sitter and dog nanny is comfortable and knows where the dog food is stored, and getting my desk cleared and technology ready to transport.

Ahhhhh technology. This is what is allowing me to mount this grand adventure. The ability to interface (sweet Jesus but I hate that word!) with my work mates is totally dependent on a good computer (Yayyyyy MAC!), a solid dependable internet connection, and gadgets and gizmos like Skype, iChat, Messenger, smoke signals and god knows what else.

Not only is it crucial to do my job every day, my financial life depends on it too. Important tip for all you future Greek travelers: do NOT take American Express travellers cheques - Greek banks hate em and charge an exorbitant fee for cashing them. Try a $60 fee on a $100 cheque. No, I am not kidding. So use your bank cards and have spare back ups. I've used ATMs in even the remotest mountain villages.

21 more sleeps. That's a laugh. I haven't slept since Christmas - too much to worry and fret about! Maybe going to that sheep festival isn't such a bad idea after all?

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