Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life lessons

This is supposed to be a voyage of self discovery and, although as I write this, I am presently stuck in Zurich airport, I have the time to reflect on what I've learned so far. The shiraz in the airport bar helps enormously :)

I am a gregarious introvert I suppose. People are always stunned when I tell them how shy and reclusive I really am. I carry this larger than life personality around, but I am a devout hermit at heart. Didn't know that, didja?

One of the lovely lessons I have learned in preparing for this adventure is how many true friends I really have. In the past few weeks, days and hours, I have been moved and overwhelmed by so many offers of support and help with my house and dog while I am away. So many dear friends have wanted to share coffee, breakfast, lunch - whatever - before I go. So many, that I got totally overwhelmed and had to retreat to a quiet place to catch my breath. The demons of PTSD of the past decade hover on the edges and I now have learned to pace myself... the black dogs, Winston Churchill called these feelings.

I am not religious... but I am feeling so blessed by the lovely wondrous people in my life. Carol and Terry who will be there for me in any jam; Duncan and Arthur who will aid and abet me in any wacky travel scheme; Bill for loving me from away over there; Richard for offering to mind the house minder, Myrna, Virginia, Dianne, Allison and Beth for giving me the much needed you-go-girl pep talks when I need it; Gary and brother Dave for giving me the guy version of you-go-girl; and dear Judy for watching over the most precious gift in my life - Daisy. God.... so many lovely people in my life and all this time I was so sure I was all alone. Thank you all for helping me live my life large.

I have so many toasts to drink to you all! It will take .... well, at least 3 months!


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