Sunday, January 3, 2010

Let me tell ya how I got into this mess

Or.... The Adventure begins!

For personal and health reasons, I retired at the age of 43. Prior to that I had a career and life experiences that read like a novel: archaeologist, art conservator, communications consultant, environmental activist, jeweler, political back room boy, CEO of a non profit organization, musician. Believe me, I more than fulfilled any career aspirations I ever had. So, when I returned to work after 5 numbing years of boredom and healing, I had the luxury of looking for a job that would allow me to travel and still feed my need to do something useful and use they myriad talents my colourful resume gave me. Of all my jobs, it was the nonprofit sector I loved most and that best used my odd collection of skills.

There was a non-profit arts organization in Fredericton that was looking for a coordinator to manage a music festival and a small chamber ensemble for about 30 hours a week. I accepted the job only after first advising them of my travel addiction and my intention to try and work part of the year from Greece. Fortunately, my boss is hip to the technology and up on the latest developments and seemed open to the idea of trying to make this work. When not actually taking tickets at the door for a concert or wrangling sopranos' egos, most of my work involves writing grant proposals, reports, creating project concepts, and doing PR and communications tasks. I don’t run a store-front operation – this is work I can do in my jammies from home by the fire. Or hopefully from a seaside taverna on a wind swept Aegean island.

I think.

I’ll never know unless I try.

And god bless my employers, for I am dragging them along too on this experiment. So on January 28, 2010 - the adventure begins.

I hope you'll tag along for the ride!

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  1. I most certainly will be following along Nance-pants!