Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just GO - dammit!

Leaving friends and familiar ways of life takes the courage of a lion. Navigating Greek bureaucracy takes the zen-like patience of my Labrador waiting for me to drop a cookie crumb. Finding the money to do something like this has been a challenge – since I’m not independently wealthy, I’ve been wracking my brain to see if I can I combine working with travel.

This winter, I am going to try the first baby steps toward seeing if I can do this. I’m 51 now, survived some crummy health scares last year, I’m single and the only dependent I have is my unfaithful dog Daisy – I’ll never be younger or healthier and the time is now. I will move to my island during the winter months, to truly experience island life once the tourists have moved on. I will try to do my regular job from there, using the latest in technology and McGuiver like ingenuity, with the blessing of a VERY tolerant and understanding boss.

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