Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My travel Muse has gone on ahead. . . .

With class and grace and in supreme comfort and peace, my Aunt Pauline caught a flight for her next journey on Tuesday morning. She would have been 100 on Feb 24.

She was the inspiration for my life-long travel addiction. For the last 7 years of her life, I was her guardian and caregiver. I will miss her.

Her timing was impeccable; just 48 hours before I leave for Athens. I guess she wanted to beat me there. SUCH a competitor, my aunt Pauline Elizabeth Reid Maxwell. I know she's laughing at my hysterical efforts to tend to her last affairs in this tiny window of mere hours and pack bags and briefcase for my 3-month sojourn.

I am so very happy for her, for she has been anxious to catch this next flight for years.

Tomorrow, as I am high over the Atlantic ocean, I will drink a toast in her honour and thank her for her inspiring life.

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