Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Sheep Festival - yayyyy!

So, I'm roaming around the net looking for cool things to do while I'm in Crete. Imagine my excitement when I found this post on the Sheep Festival!

On April 23 each year, there is a festival that is focused on sheep. Thousands of them are brought to the Village of Assi Gonia and they are honored as well as milked. The people attending the festival can all taste the milk and also partake in the rest of the activities – eating, dancing, and socializing.

Now - my dilemma - what DOES one wear to a sheep festival? Will I be required to milk anything? I'm assuming my Jimmy Choos are not appropriate footgear?


  1. And - NO this is NOT a picture of me! Thank-you-very-much!

  2. This sheep festival sounds very exciting !